here there any everywhere

one of my favorite type patterns
can't ride like this any more :(
channel islands hotel lobby

guernsey - would recommend if you'd like some corporate secrecy!



 p always used to sing (sometimes still does) a lullaby to the children referencing the white cliffs of dover. well we got there and had a hike (at one point on a narrow cliffside path) and got real muddy and visited a lighthouse. cool place! would recommend. this was one of the only stretches of fencing. before we went boy inquired so like how many people fall off the cliffs and die and it's been hundreds over the years. so we were duly careful.


 vacation at the english coast - the rocky beaches are so nice. this is Deal, and a pretty level horizon if I don't say so. The colors came out nice, and boy is becoming a handsome child daily



 if you tarp your car I will take a picture of it! That is my pledge to you.


atlantic beach sunset walk

 will I ever take a pic with a level horizon? all signs point to no


 hammersmith right by the river. there's a few boardwalk pubs I always wanted to sit for hours at and people watch - maybe in 2022