this was from a short lived church we enjoyed for a little while.
we're pretty close to this canal. O to live on some water. Some day

hampstead heath

there's a nice park - hampstead heath, which has a huge hill overlooking town, plus lots of mud bogs and great climbing tress. We've made it out there a few times. Good to get whatever passes for fresh air in this town.



bar code tree

bar code tree from when I helped some friends move. Here for just 4 months and already helping someone move! Lots of nice birch & sycamore trees here. Can't get enough of that wild bark baby

interesting medium for a rave

would have needed a panoramic camera to catch the whole wall. Intriguing tale to say the least


seems like some masking gone awry


zed FL

having fun at the zoo. z is pronounced zed. Prepare for other anthropological observations in the days to come

ice tower

we're back! Rolls cost £12 per to process, which is a slight yikes. This is from the tower ice skating, and it's a good picture of london - never enough space for yourself.



I found a suitable film lab. So coming Tuesday Jan 28, 2020, I'll be posting my butt off. Stay tuned!

no overlap

sometimes during work I'll wander around. In so doing yesterday I randomly found this tunnel, which I don't expect any of the 50backflips regulars to recognize, but some of you could possibly guess it's a skatespot from one of my favorite videos growing up, the baker bootleg (seen at 42:25 here)

When we visited in February of last year we happened upon the meanwhile skatepark under the bridge, from where certain things have happened also in that world. Anyways, so many years later it doesn't matter one way or the other other than the fact that these things are just part of my (damaged?) DNA by now. Hard to put into words what I'm trying to say. I was just walking around trying to get lost and then I was face to face with this very minor, actually like totally incidental area of london architecture, something which almost doesn't matter at all, and yet there it was, and here I am typing about it


Forgot my camera

beautiful day at the park. Good place to find some skippers. Forgot to bring any camera on vacation for the first time in my adult life. Europe has changed me lol.


trash fox

I'm back baby, it's a cell phone blog again, 2020 style