end of the tour

so I got some old film back. This is from the bike journey to WA NC. This entry will likely be way lazier than the first couple (EG no map, probably fewer slices of road life, weirder punctuation)

some wasted boats

some killer pickups. At some point pickups became pretty bad but the old ones are pretty good.

pretty cool cypress swamp

pretty killer spread here and I was fantasizing about it but this is like flood city. I think I might be a bit overzealous about high ground. But it'd be nice to not have all your stuff ruined.
They had a nice tienderia. I got a cookie and a coke and a stomach ache.

some big dogs

a long dog

distinctly remember being very hot at this point

a couple of cool buildings

lots of abandoned buildings still. Eastern NC is messed up!

pretty cool road

closing in on Wilson now. I only biked WA NC To wilson, about 60 miles. Couldn't do the remaining 60 miles home to Raleigh due to various maladies (laziness, chaffing)
The end! Hopefully my next bike adventure takes me to wales or dover or scotland or something! First I'll have to buy a bike


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apt title in many ways for ya

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