morehead city

so for forever I've only ever ridden beater bikes out at the beach. well now that we're moving I took my nice single speed out there and it really opened up the possibilities as far as getting around. There's actually a lot of pretty farmland around there, and a whole big bay/river mouth thing too.

probably my favorite shot of the roll ^
otherwise these feel a little underexposed? the light meter on the mamiya is tricky to figure out. I should go back to using a hand held number.
although perhaps they're fine and I'm just hankering for some slide film. these feel flat
or foggy or something? might be tough in this humidity to get clear optics. Also I just threw away my UV filter which was looking pretty sorry. Maybe that'll help (me smash my lens next time out :()

fill flash too. what can I say I'm out of practice and over the dang hill.

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