walking around trying to find notting hill and we stumbled across this hallowed site. I almost broke my elbow borrowing some walmart type board. Got a few turns in though. (Don't) still got it! I quit instagram a while ago and all I miss is the cult of tom page

sad news out of paris today with the notre dame cathedral burning down. In this day and age! When I first went to the washington national cathedral I thought wow this is amazing but it's so new, which took some of the shine off it. Then to see the real mccoy which was like 800 years old or whatever, it ws really the total package of a cool building. Hope they can restore it somehow.

anyways a few pics that I probably wouldn't have otherwise posted since they're not that great. Just wanted to perform some mourning I guess.


another season in the books

sup yall went .500 in 2018-2019. Maybe next year. At least the Blazers are going to win the championship this year.


atlantic beach

busted pier. there used to be a bar out on the end of that thing. it was a good time every time.