trees with knees, dreams w kneams

got this dang old mamiya 645j in college. at the time it was imperative that I got into a medium format. when you're doing actual prints getting the larger negative is imperative as 35mm aint really nothing at all after a while. don't bust it out too much now that I have the pinnacle of technology mamiya 6 but if I ever want to test the limits of weird focal planes I guess I know it's there. Some decent tones here too. Thanks mom and dad for the old cranking camera. It's a keeper. Hopefully someday I'll get back into the darkroom. It is one of my real loves in this dirty tragic world. great place to crank tunes on your headphones and really zone out --- the perfect mental space between focusing but not really thinking at all, similar to when I was a youth trying some trying skateboard maneuver. You have to be perfectly focused but you can't be thinking. I guess that's something religious, in a way. oh and RIP to acros the finest film I ever got to know a bit.

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