big old post

rode my new bike from raleigh to wilson, some 50 miles. looking forward to stretching these out in the coming weeks months years (I always get some new fascination that I mistakenly think will carry me forever but never does gardening jacking iron reading writing chess guitar PHOTOGRAPHY LONG DISTANCE BIKE RIDES camping you NAME it)

exiting raleigh here

this snack stop had the good ethnic snacks. I slammed a jaritos or whatever those sodas are
leaning barn of outside of wendell
this might have been middlesex

love a mid model chevvvvvy
still haven't done my convenience store typology dog gone it

this is a 00s Chevy - far inferior from the 90s vintages

these are all the pics from the ride. Nice! Crisp and I went thrifting in MHC and I found a $2 beauty. It works too! Long live point and shooters. It's my spirit gear. This one is a beaut so far. Wish they were all still $2 instead of like upwards of $200. Drag of my 30s, other than the deaths and trump and  not having any friends and whatnot.

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