grid thy lions I can't place this one. I think I might have done a grid and forgotten to mark it off. Fart knockers! Edit who knows but let's call it aa27 for now I guess. Lord knows I'm not going back wherever it is. Edit2: Forgot about street view. I'm relatively sure this is AA27.

grid thy lions

a little grid humor



two more from the woods

the void

the void was a flooded lake in the fog - the lake and the woods and the air all melded into one. I guess that's not a void. A void is absence. This was an abundance. but the word void kept flowing through my head this morning out in the woods.

cell phone shots

 the dismal streets of raleigh
 rode my bike to wilson! it was about 50 miles. my dreams are all about long rides now and renegade camping in a strand of pines. this was a nice stretch of country roads with very little traffic.
we went to a play in wilson. I was in my sweaty 50 mile clothes (got to learn how to pack a little better for these things). Dick Cheney skis in jeans and I bike in jeans. Took a few actual pictures along the way - hopefully this little olympus works!