boat storage in december or was it november

hopefully this loose wound vibe with the copious light leaks isn't a new recurring feature post camera repair. we shall see! also in camera news, this isn't the kind of thing I would have used to put out there (rip Jake I miss texting you) but crisp and I found an olympus infinity something or rather, akin to my dream point and clickers for $2! there are still deals out there folks. you just have to go to thrift stores and get lucky. Got a prime lens, flash control (including slow sync omg omg omg), sliding lens cover (a little loose so this thing is definitely not vg+) and after a new battery it was ready to fire up baybee. Will see how it really works once the film gets back but it sounds smooth. I compared online and these dumbass little things go for like $125 these days. so obviously getting lucky is the only way to go.

In other news CRISP was here in NC and we tore it up. Pictures to come.

these are so nice did I have a filter on there? I guess TriX is my new Acros. ACROS! Come back I need a slower version of you.

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