Livings mostly wasting time, and I waste my share of mine

At a certain point you just have to get out there and do it. Based on the Portland Grid Project, where you divide a city into 1 square mile sections and tackle them, one by one, I'm going to try it in Raleigh. The Portland project I believe is a collaborative affair, where people get together monthly maybe and have beers and show pictures and chat about the far wrung sections of town no one would otherwise have ventured out to. And of course it was heavy hitters doing the venturing. Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This will be like the homeless man's version, albeit with better photos (joking!)

I look forward to what I believe is the core mission of a grid project - to go where you otherwise wouldn't think to and to see things you otherwise wouldn't. And then if there's a secondary mission it would be to crank a ton of pictures, and in my case hopefully get back into some sort of swing of something. Since the kids were born I've basically become a vacation photographer, which doesn't seem sufficient sometimes.

So far I've been out like 4 times over two sections. Of course the first roll was a disaster - I thought I had color loaded but I didn't. My last batch of film back in general looked distinctly like my high school work. I have forgotten how to operate a camera. So the project is off to a start. Is it a dynamite start? No. But hopefully now I'll waste fewer golden hours. Or maybe I'll give it up forever. Time will tell.