love this vintage of ford pickups


2018-19 annual betting extravaganza

I'm almost always good with my picks. I guess they legalized gambling? I still only want to bet my pride. You know once money was on the line the luck would change. I'm that kind of gambler I guess.


ride out

biked out almost to the lake, smashed my mamiya while never taking it out of the smashing bag, took a few pics. I'm always complaining about not having something to toil in so I'm trying to do a raleigh grid project, whereby I photography Raleigh 1 random square mile at a time. First square mile has been a hoot. If I do one square a month on the map I'm using it'll take 33.3333 years. Ready to toil baby.

edit correction it's 33.25 years. However a third of a century is more toil worthy.