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Unknown said...

hey, johna, i can not wait for you to come home, we all miss you soo much!!!
what did you guys eat out there? how was hibernation, did it hurt, would you do it again? do you miss the earth you left? when you come back what do you think will be the most amazing advancement, since you were gone? what are the days on mars like? what comforts do you miss the most? i will much older now, but when you left i could easily take you in a dive bar fight, now i have to spend most my time in my life tank, but giving a chance to leave, i would give you one hell of scratch. all assuming you make it back to earth before 2099. my life tank lease ends in 2099 and since i had no children ill most likely find death that year. By Robert a friend of mine from nasa says your guys are due back 2080, so I will be whiskey drunk and ready when you get back! I say this with the deepest regards, thank you for your sacrifice and pioneering spirit. I would have been right there with you, but life on eath is expensive. See you soo buddy, fill me in about mars!!!!!