from my invoice to get my mamiya fixed, a description of the charges: "Complete overhaul / Camera inoperative / Repair film advance / Replace rangefinder window / Disassembled camera completely to remove glass shards / Replace small parts as required / Calibrate light meter and rangefinder / Clean and lube lens helicoid - focusing is VERY stiff"

LOL. Wish Jake was here to commiserate with about that one. Also wish I could have talked FIRST REFORMED with that old fart.

So in this terrible world we share at least there are old timers out there fixing up mamiyas and I have a like new yet "Very well used" (cosmetic condition from the same invoice) rig back in the quiver just in time for a jaunt to another hemisphere. And to whichever dirty motherfucker that wound up with Jakes always busted gear - call Bob at Precision Camera Works in Skokie IL. Also in the good column the other day this dude driving a VW van gave me the peace sign when I was standing at a crosswalk. He was catchin my vibes