the king stays the king!

I don't think 63% win percentage is good enough to make money when the vig is taken into account. As always, good thing I only bet on my pride, not actual dollars. However every year I'm better than 50%. So that's good! still got it baby!

Oh wait it looks like I was under 50% last year. Whatever!

10 years deep!

Salem Oregon photos. Someone I don't remember who was like dang you're still blogging? That's 10 years man! And I was like yeah.

Getting better and better (ehhhhh)



silver falls

impressive hedges. Old growth is so bad


same spirit right

boy is going to be all right, camping-wise


job got me thinking about dropping out and starting a greasy spoon diner. Not pictured: picturing myself as a carnie. Everyone has levels. That's not one I could get to.

my only good exposure since 2009

a lot of bad shadows and skies between now and then


not bad

march 31, 2018. yes that's the kids in the water in their clothes. they're about it!