boy and I went autumn camping. There was a severe rain shower overnight and our tent sprung a leak. Bad way to sleep! Oh well we lived.



last of the great bike shots. Distinctly remember aggravating the old wife on this day, taking forever looking around and getting 4 good ones in a row.


some close ups


some of my jams

 I'm a sucker for that prefab lattice and any rose bush
 and cars with covers
and the flag as window dressing


got to allow yourself a bad sunset shot every now and then

the sky

just pulled the trigger on a replacement camera. $85 for something that was $15 like 6 years ago or so. Buy and hold compact point and clickers if you want to get rich. They are appreciating if they're not smashed to bits from use (my method). So we'll be back blogging baby! Did you notice that i didn't have a working 35mm camera? (no)