green thumb

our house came with this decades old potted philodendron and as I'm branching out trying to figure out gardening and lawn care I come to realize there is no substitute for old growth. But hopefully within 12 months I'll be able to reignite the #flowers tag on the old blog so I guess there is that. PS I've already killed the philodendron once but it's back baby. Maybe you can't kill it.


I should do more of these 3200 rolls.


everyone's talking about it

it's the incredible edible double exp roll!

physical feats

the incredible brother!




some pics from a real fun night and then also for some reason and some how I did a double exposure roll. Not sure how

cousin buddies



I think Jake would approve my two pics of him from the trip being kind of beautifully messed up by a beach sunset. We may never know though.

oregon vacation be like

something happened

ocean chair



I wouldn't claim to have invented this style of composition but I've done it a few times. Too tired to link to the archives. But you know what I'm talking about.


all you need is a light leak and a lawn you'll never forget or aspire to honestly when it comes to the grassal nature of it.

all you need a family portrait

a light leak, some intrigue, some contrast, a focal plane, children and parent. WHERE IS CINDY THOUGH SORRY MOM

best buds

tar beach

favorite pic in a while

still got it kind of

I may not take as many photos as I used to but I have as much fun as I ever have. Planning on a solo weird photo/trip some time this winter. If anyone wants to join byob/t/wtl (bike tent and will to live)

beach I'm back out my comma