another sort of wedding

the benefits to being the father of the ring bearer ("RB"): 1: next to no responsibilities. 2: I got to join the RB at the home of the mother of the groom to help everyone get into their tuxes, where there was food and bloody mary's. I don't know what everyone was waiting for but there was a hurricane coming and I was needing the vitamins and didn't feel too shy. I cracked open the handle and started trying to make friends with the grooms party. They were some hunting 4x4ing big red voting and so on and so on folks. My brother many have fit right in; I went back for a re-fill and trusted the lubricating process. Eventually I found someone that lifted weights so we chatted about that for a while. He was eating protein pancakes.
Once we got to the venue it was me and these two jokers. I obviously had them in a pretty good lather.
to the right are two brothers of the bride - I guess my step siblings in law is our relation. Pretty good!

They had a bar at the place where everyone was trying to get their pictures taken, and it was Hurricane Matthew outside - a torrential downpour which is obviously pretty choice drinking weather. The river running through the golf course was going up up and up. I remember buying a few rounds of Heinekens for the groom and some of his chums. Eventually we did the ceremony which I am pretty sure I behaved at and then the reception was rained out-- all three roads leading in where flooded out. We went out for some meal at one of Wilson's finest restaurants and made it home safely eventually.
Good way to spend a hurricane!

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