these two

you tired?

big deep, woodstock ny

hell of a deep. clearest cleanest sweetest coldest water I've been to since Oregon. Only had to drive 12 hours to get it! Pretty decent shot of boy. slightly in between moments.

ere and after

Kingston NY! What a place

wow what a dance floor!

there was a Polish dj with a fiddler. It was party hardy tunes. One of the greatest weddings ever!

ballast from the past

still the tallest!!!!! (probably grew until I was 27)


eno river

it's fine for swimming, just a little muddy.


kingston to morehead

 motivational quote

 I spy a heron hunting

and a filled in pool out by the sound


poaching some triggerfish

some abandoned land outside Wilson, NC

this one's in 3d


night falls

 Putting cedar shingles over that brick. Go figure

 I was biking around furiously looking for this hotel. I thought it may have been bulldozed. So I found it and it was smaller than I remembered. But I took a picture anyways. For next time when it actually is bulldozed.