selfie city

I went to the WTC observatory because I like a good view point. Growing up we'd go to Seattle and find the highest point possible and check it out. However I've never been in the Space Needle. It's not that high of a point and the Space Needle had an admission fee. The large black building in Seattle (Googling now and it's the Columbia Center at 701 5th Avenue) had free admission to their public observatory (really putting the public in public observatory) however it was not a 360 view. Portland had no public observatories to my knowledge but then I guess just climb a hill when you're there right?
Anyways the WTC observatory is a fun idea but poorly executed. It's the dumbest $32 I've yet spent but I knew that going in. Call it a guilty pleasure. They make you watch some terrible videos before cutting you loose, they try to sell you a rental of a decked out ipad that tells you what/where everything is, etc. You can imagine the shape of the building, where there are these angles, and there's only a small section of the building looking directly uptown. But they rope that section off for this terrible interactive display thing where this carnival barker tells bad jokes and relays trivia. So if you want to look right out the window to midtown tough cookies. However you can see NJ fine and maybe as far as the ocean which is nice, and a few of the bridges are plainly in view. Cool place to take a picture of yourself.

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