nyc last night there

sightseeing. Mac was driving his hybrid car and the congolese funk was pouring out of his car stereo. Nice ride!
shoutout to liz who threw a bbq - sorry all I got was this side eyed shot. Liz and I had an all timer of a summer a long time ago, along with Forbes, Jason (who was working like 60 hours a week LOL), Hank, Devon, and all these sketchy roommates. As a recent graduate I was rudderless but on a day to day basis we were having lots of fun. Once we staged a civil war re-enactment. That was definitely a highlight. Along with doing fun car maneuvers and half heartedly trying to find work. Anyways this bbq was a nice one. Lots of new people so I was like "uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh hello I'm whathaveyou and youknowwhatimean?" Struggling.

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