coney island family day

Forbes was kind enough to let me sleep on his sofa one night in NYC so long ago. His son Rock was there too, so we got to watch funny cartoons and rough house a little. Also some funny jokes at the dinner/breakfast table (IS THAT COMING?) and I got to see how dad does pancakes (nicely done). It was fun to play funkle (faux uncle?) for a day.  Yep, we went to Coney Island.
Was too frugal/scared to ride this beast. The thing takes like 15 seconds. I'll never forget not doing it I guess. Definitely learned my lesson.
we dug in the sand for a while

Camera is ???? Tripping.

Then we rode the thrilling -- what do you call these things? Ferris wheel. Rode that thing. It's pretty rusty from close up! Pretty good day though! Thanks Forbes.

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