deep recess

catch me in oregon


some of the best buddies going


the back yard is still coming along


not bad could be better
ditto. these top two are like a bad burk uzzle impersonation. Bad because here we have these what with the poor composition small format and they're just .jpgs too. Burk wouldn't stand for something not being printed. That's the difference between the pros and the joes. At least the colors are the right idea though. A grain of something.
maybe someday I'll get a sports car. I guess that's the point at which I've gone native to the south.

out there

we still have an unfurnished room if anyone has a good lead on a dad chest of any type. I think I want something utilitarian above all.
gahh this can only be the work of a car shot.
this one though I distinctly remember being a bike shot. Heaven and hell as it were.


lost and found

I lost my flash if anyone's found a flash.
trade for this bumper I found

nyc last night there

sightseeing. Mac was driving his hybrid car and the congolese funk was pouring out of his car stereo. Nice ride!
shoutout to liz who threw a bbq - sorry all I got was this side eyed shot. Liz and I had an all timer of a summer a long time ago, along with Forbes, Jason (who was working like 60 hours a week LOL), Hank, Devon, and all these sketchy roommates. As a recent graduate I was rudderless but on a day to day basis we were having lots of fun. Once we staged a civil war re-enactment. That was definitely a highlight. Along with doing fun car maneuvers and half heartedly trying to find work. Anyways this bbq was a nice one. Lots of new people so I was like "uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh hello I'm whathaveyou and youknowwhatimean?" Struggling.

coney island amusement

The ferris wheel is literally kind of thrilling
birds eye view


I feel like John

we basically had all axis passes to the amusement area.
My absolute favorite part was probably yelling my head off driving bumper cars. I feel like I have way more fun enjoying activities that you might classify as less than the most fun ever activities (eg bowling or bumper cars, skipping rocks that type of thing) if I annoyingly get way too far into it. High kicks for a spare, elaborate dance moves for a strike including but not limited to wooting hollering and doing repeated fist pumps, and yelling my face off driving bumper cars. Don't even get me started on skipping the rock to the other bank.


Disco Duck

From the karaoke night. John's first night club! Kind of.

coney island family day

Forbes was kind enough to let me sleep on his sofa one night in NYC so long ago. His son Rock was there too, so we got to watch funny cartoons and rough house a little. Also some funny jokes at the dinner/breakfast table (IS THAT COMING?) and I got to see how dad does pancakes (nicely done). It was fun to play funkle (faux uncle?) for a day.  Yep, we went to Coney Island.
Was too frugal/scared to ride this beast. The thing takes like 15 seconds. I'll never forget not doing it I guess. Definitely learned my lesson.
we dug in the sand for a while

Camera is ???? Tripping.

Then we rode the thrilling -- what do you call these things? Ferris wheel. Rode that thing. It's pretty rusty from close up! Pretty good day though! Thanks Forbes.


alternate timelines

smoke break spot outside the bowling alley


any chance that's walnut?

That'd be something for a cheapo mass produced townhouse right? No one has ever done walnut hardwood floors I'm sure. These were some pretty ones, whatever they were.






world's worst bowler probably

from when I went bowling in Charlotte

yard goals

some neighborhood in Charlotte that is 5 years from being very very revitalized. 

these last three were on TriX which I guess with the discontinuance of Neopan 400 is now my go-to ISO 400 B&W film of choice. Some decent results.


train shots

the train is much more scenic than the freeway surely. Right through the old part of town's backyard.


4o de julio

carshots can't be denied!


selfie city

I went to the WTC observatory because I like a good view point. Growing up we'd go to Seattle and find the highest point possible and check it out. However I've never been in the Space Needle. It's not that high of a point and the Space Needle had an admission fee. The large black building in Seattle (Googling now and it's the Columbia Center at 701 5th Avenue) had free admission to their public observatory (really putting the public in public observatory) however it was not a 360 view. Portland had no public observatories to my knowledge but then I guess just climb a hill when you're there right?
Anyways the WTC observatory is a fun idea but poorly executed. It's the dumbest $32 I've yet spent but I knew that going in. Call it a guilty pleasure. They make you watch some terrible videos before cutting you loose, they try to sell you a rental of a decked out ipad that tells you what/where everything is, etc. You can imagine the shape of the building, where there are these angles, and there's only a small section of the building looking directly uptown. But they rope that section off for this terrible interactive display thing where this carnival barker tells bad jokes and relays trivia. So if you want to look right out the window to midtown tough cookies. However you can see NJ fine and maybe as far as the ocean which is nice, and a few of the bridges are plainly in view. Cool place to take a picture of yourself.