life of vincent

so as I may or may not have alluded to in a prior post, I recently got back 13 rolls of film in bulk from an Oregonian lab. These are from the second (if ordered alphabetically)(if you could alphabetize a roll of film) roll. One of the rolls was long lost from when boy was but a slight child of 0 years old. It was an abbreviated roll, only 16 pictures. I saw some of the shots and thought well I've come a long way from those days, photographically speaking. And I wonder if I have or not. I try to be thoughtful and ... I try to take shots with an intent, but you can't have a masterpiece for every 125th of a second I think I'm getting at. I guess you can just build and build and build and hope that what happens is worthwhile. I've been happy so far so I continue, if haphazardly. Obviously the days of internet adulation have tapered off, so it's not the "likes" and "comments" that keep me going. Who even blogs anymore anyways? There's an app for that, if you will. Oh well I guess I'm just an internet dinosaur stuck in my own stupid rut.

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