low key



pp in dc?

surely that's some other kind of pine in our fine nation's capital.

bake sale the sequel

not too bad

been learning the guitar and reading a lot - it's kind of relaxed the fact that I can't get to a darkroom. When you can't do A just do B I guess. There's plenty in the world you can do. We'll get there some day (IE when all the chemicals and other supplies are out of production)

bake sale


The offer continues to stand

if you'd like to be pen pals send me a quick email stating as much to 50backflips@gmail.com. I'll start the correspondence-- like a free trial. However know that reciprocity rules. Art bits, long sentences, boring sentences, I'll mail you stamps, coupons, tips and tricks, etc.



Zachary Taylor, 12th US President and Mexican American War hero, spent the 4th of July, 1850 at the then under construction Washington Monument listening to speeches.  It was a hot day and he ate "an enormous" quantity of raw vegetables, cherries, and iced milk. He died five days later from acute intestinal discomfort. Your historical trivia for the day! Book club: When in Rome, right? Currently reading a book about the civil war - Battlecry of Freedom. Supposedly the definitive one volume account of the civil war. I was hoping for a more in depth look at old Abe but I guess it'll get to that. Anyways something to vibe on when you're on a segway tour right?


now with twice as much money down the drain


some old winter trees of some sort, with an ominous sky really

honestly otherwise why even bother with any of this

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like facebook's target audience

F**h the singular

in case you're trying to be google negative, or rather like google neutral

dc flavor

come to think of it this is a pretty nice shot

bucyrus erie

one time my brother and I had to form a team for a competitive venture. We had to have a team name, and I don't know how but brilliance struck: Half man half half assed man. Neither of us was either, which was pretty appropriate. It was just in general. I sometimes think of how fearsome a twosome we are and how we're divided by a nation of distance. It's too bad really. Love you Scott. Happy for your house purchase!

new tags tonight!

dare you to live in there, somehow

beat old rotten bleachers

this ones for all those tone junkies out there

ocean city is a nice jam man for real


3rd consecutive grammy nominated blog post