washington insiders

Bartek!  Soon to wed.
North Carolina recently passed a law that transexual people have to use the restroom of the gender (or is it sex?) that it says they are on their birth certificate.  I wanted to go to the legislative building and block the mens restroom demanding that the old bigots show their birth certificate in order to enter.  It's a good idea I feel like.  I just don't know how to make it happen.

podunk VA

nice and silvery my man.  Nice and silvery.

on the road to Selma

found a waterfall and a way to see it.  Hiked through some brush and found myself I'm guessing on a game trail.  This would have been a fun place to light off fireworks.  Off the Mamiya 645.  Classic rigs!  The only SLR now in my quiver too.


baby's got a strong will.. Strongest I seen.




boy's favorite color is red.  That's just how hot he runs.  He has a pair of red rain boots that he likes to pair with this monochromatic ensemble and it's just smashing and stunning.


at least this isn't your grocery store I guess

if only they weren't so shadowy about their pricing scheme.

solo road trippin

 I tried rounding up some people that I knew took pictures, but no takers.  No big stogie.  No flask.  No GBV.  Me and Jake took some fun drives back in the day.  This one was solo in a borrowed Honda Fit.  I was listening to NPR mostly.  Hard to get the juices flowing sometimes!

just when you wanted me to retire


I built a couple of picket fences in the past few weekends, each with its own gate.  They'll probably be looking about this gnarled in like 8-10 weeks.  But they look good now!

Hamlet, NC

 Birthplace of John Coltrane, and a real trash heap.
There's some sort of rail depot in town and the whole place smells like heavy diesel.

that grey

was it that grey?  I guess it was

bright leaves

never understood the basketball hoop in a lawn

pretty high turnout for the junk auction

quick shot from texas

My work has a training campus in the country outside Dallas, Texas.  We took a bus thing into town one night and messed with Texas a little.  This guy looked the part but his music wasn't too great.  I think his name may have been Red.