james jumping

new era of action shots.

I am seriously considering quitting the local lab in favor of home development.  Short term that might mean we have fewer shots on here.  (as though this is still the spot it was in the past).  In my defense, this will be a money saving move and the local lab has lost my film on more than one occasion.  I think eventually I'll get a computer of my own and a film scanner and we'll be pumping out the jams.  But I believe B&W home processing at least is too good a deal to pass up (home printing to come, bucket list style, eventually).  I'm getting grand ambitions in a way.  I think I spotted a configuration of our future bathroom where I could get an enlarger setup and somehow MacGyver something with the bathtub where I could line up the treys in there somehow.

Anyhow, boy was launching himself.

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