through time through the 645

on a last hurrah with my old dudes in Oregon.  Dan
these trees are gorgeous
Chris and his insane dog Heebie
note the mountains in the back.  I miss steep grade way more than I expected to.  That and the brisk nature of Pacific air.
took this one before I ever borrowed a Hassleblad with a 2.8 lens.

we drank some liquor and smoked some cigarettes and drove in the gorge.  The best place to drive.  Found some good small town bars and played some appropriate music on the jukeboxes there.  Played a little pool.

And then one day you wake up in Raleigh, NC.  In spring.

Me and boy tried to find where two notable local rivers converge.  The Crabtree Creek and I believe the Neuse River.  These were for sure after I borrowed the HBad.

Reload.  We did find a fun spot but it was less . . . significant than I had hoped.  No Kelly point I guess I'm saying.  Good canoeing terrain, but we were landlocked.

I sensed a rain storm coming and we high tailed it.  I was very proud of boy for packing up on short notice.  We wound up making it to a shelter some 15 minutes away literally only 10 seconds too late.  We got soaked in like 10 seconds.

dog's getting along with us usually.  He's back in the picture to some degree.


portland tourism

as a tourist in Portland you get a sense for how many tourists are in Portland.  More than I'd have expected.  More than I expected.  There were tons of us!

keizer b&ws

beach house


2015-16 betting folly

The first time I did this exercise, I had a pretty good feel for the league.  I don't have that same good feeling for the league now.  I blame the Blazers not being that good, not participating in fantasy bball, not having cable, not reading about NBA, etc.