a few more test shots


the kids at this point

the light on the patio is less than stellar

I was trying to get the fireflies.  I don't know if they were even in season!  Turns out they have a season.  I think maybe color would be a better call for this endeavor.


One thing that I would have liked to have played around with is the fast lens.  Maybe I should just quit whining and get the 645j out?  #squaresonlyman

this angel

Haven't had the Hassy for several weeks (months?) now-- just today got the final shots back from the lab (as far as I can figure).  I think my next move, gear-wise, is going to be an enlarger and the finest chemicals.  Time to get some of these on paper!  Anyone have a good enlarger recommendation?  I think I'd need multiple lenses (?) because of printing from different film formats (?).