nothing here but there I heard the shutter fire, which was enough.





atlantic beach b&ws

shot from the hip this one.  People as a rule don't like when creeps take pictures of their kids.  Perhaps I should re-think my beach attire?


blue filter

I got a blue filter.  I want to take a portrait with the ruddiest skin.

apples and orange juice

an afternoon of epic film wastage
Thought this was elegant when I was taking it but it's pretty bleh.

sweet private club I wish they were accepting new members

Almost got beat up for this one by a diminutive man with a non-threatening accent.  You can see a few figures center left-- they weren't keen on having their picture taken.  I'm relatively up on my legal rights as a photographer.  In public, you can take a picture of whatever you want.  They said it was a private club.  To which I said, sorry for the problems dudes and booked it off in the other direction.  Nice tonal ranges out the wazzou on this one though, right?  I need to find a wet dark room in these parts.


my ween is like the macguffin in pulp fiction.  That is to say, it glows.  Also I'm editing out the bandaid shot for the sake of good taste and the generally SFW nature of the blog.  Plus it's... not that flattering.


one nice thing about the v.h. was the relatively straight lines.  What if my crooked pictures are due to crooked cameras more than my oddly shaped skull?


the v. hasselblad: What might have been

it was fun!  I think a waist level finder is primo.  Maybe one day I'll get a twin lens.  Or something


atlantic ocean

trying to allow for more spontaneity and chance

wallace's fearful billowing black curtain

I may be misremembering the details of the wording

what's your vector victor

Ian (pictured) let me borrow a camera, the Hasselblad, that was basically my omega gear.  It's the one Buzz and them (funny how there aren't more people named Neil and Buzz, moonwalkers that they are) took to the moon and it's the one Lee Friedlander toils with in the second half of his life.  It makes square pictures, so there was some overlap with the Mamiya, but it's an SLR, and it has a waist level finder, a wicked fast and slightly longer lens, so I was jazzed about getting to use it.

One time Jake let me borrow a camera, the Mamiya 7, that spurned a purchase, and this Hassy was for on sale from day one.  I was taking it for a test drive.  Well Jake let me borrow that 7 for months, maybe years.  I learned how to use it, I felt, to the fullest of my abilities.  I only had to give it back after his other 7 got ran over by a taxi or something, and even then he apologized, seeing all the joy it was bringing me and all the nice shots I was getting.  The Mamiya almost unlocked a level I hadn't therefore-to had.  I was getting tonal ranges out the ding dong and some real nice shots.

I learned about tonal ranges out the ding dong during my classical photographic training at Lewis and Clark College under Robert Miller, who could unlock tonal ranges out the ding dong right up there with Ansel Adams and those guys.

So I was kind of trying to get real comfortable with the Hasselblad right off the bat, thinking, this might be my next chapter.  No, this will be my next chapter.  Things been gathering dust and I've been thinking about it for years.  The sale price was to be much less than they're worth and I was going to get really comfortable and try to take it to the max.

Well, fast forward.  It was very much more for sale than I had anticipated.  Or more on the market is maybe a little more accurate.  I got to run a few rolls through it but had to return it before any of those rolls were back from the lab.  Some other lady came in seemingly from nowhere and she brought her cash.  While the asking price was way below market, it was still a few hundred bucks that would better be spent on pre-school etc.  The old 401(k) excuse.  So now it's like a great what-if thought experiment.  What if I could have borrowed the Hassy for a year?  I would have wasted so much film!  Anyhow, this was the third shot I took with it.  Primo portrait camera, but for, while longer than the Mamiya's lens, the lens was a little not long enough for the kinds of portraits maybe my actual omega gear will feature.


ok seriously last car shot

in Portland we had the fan favorite tag bike shots.   Well we aren't in Kansas anymore little doggies.  These are car shots.  Will I make that a new tag?  I hope to never take another car shot as long as I live so no.  We'll abstain for now.

Also shouts out to brother and SIL, who are currently in labor.  Keep up the hard work!  Bring that baby home!
I like the earlier version better.  They're two different things I guess.


truckers disco

safe to say, and as I had feared, it's time to get the mamiya in for a rangefinder adjustment.  Also I don't know if a truckers disco would really be a good idea.
FIL and I caught some Spanish Mackerel.  That's one of the carcasses down there, I think.