out on the south side of town.  Some terrible stuff down there that I look forward to figuring out.


Fairway Acres

I thought when taking this one "this is some of the nicest light I could hope for" and I'm not 5000% disappointed.  Could have used a little wider of a lens.  This was on the bike ride to the taqueria.  It was a nice path but for one section of a narrow country road with the Indy 500 going next to me.  Otherwise for a while I was on a dedicated bike path, which was nice.  And some side streets.  Biking and trying to use the iphone GPS is pretty harrowing.  I don't have a good system for that.

J&W Photo lab in Raleigh, NC

J&W Photo lab in Raleigh, NC: You'll get the hang of it some day.  Ripping sunset though no?

the beginning of something?

there is an outrageous system of drainage in Raleigh.  Culverts out the Wassu.  I can't figure out if I'd rather do it in color or b&w though.

panty dropper ale

This bar up in St. Johns across from the burrito place used to be a guaranteed good time-- get a beer and go sit outside and sit in the sun drinking it watching the people coming out of the burrito place.  Well now they outlawed drinking outside there so I moved 3000 miles away.

Haven't had a good burrito since I've been here, or any good thai food or any good Indian food.  And they have soda pop in the produce department at our neighborhood grocery store.  I did get out to one good taqueria but their burritos were wet burritos which you can easily order on accident if you don't know how they're serving.  Wet burritos basically are nauseating.  I'd try the place again though I bet they have good tacos at least.


I'm looking for an east coast equivalent of this fellow, too bad man because he's one of a kind man.
Going heavy on the Dan Wilson coverage.  Can't get enough Seattle on here!


Thanks to Dan who got us into a luxury box.  It was luxurious.  Free beers served through the 4th quarter!  Leave it to the common man to have to fend for himself only up until the end of the third.  Plus the Blazers curb stomped the Thunder.  Good night!

goodbye gorgeous

just the saddest dinner

on the plus side this picture came out pretty much exactly like I had hoped it would.  Missing Mom and Dad!
A roll from Christmas vacation!  The good/bad thing about two point and clickers is that sometimes one will fall out of rotation for a while, leaving intense artifacts to be found months later in a different time/place.

2014-2015 NBA over/under guesses BIG WINNER

Original post here
Last years results here
The year before that here
Analysis: I'm still good but my beginners luck has worn off a little.  80% winning percentage the first year (like better than the Spurs!); 67.9% the second year (Spursian); this year only 63.33%, which is like the Spurs in an off year.  I'm tanking so I can get Kawhi Leonard in the middle of the first round.


peace st

too hot to hustle down here.  Everything was kind of more beat than I expected.

nc dust

late freeze


Hopefully this isn't the best lab in Raleigh