the best part about sports

This doorway is the best part about sports.  I remember as a kid once in Anaheim we went to an Angels game, and coming up those steps you then see the green of the grass and it's hyperrealistic and you know there is a weight to the proceedings you're there for. You go from the concourse where it's all beer and peanut sales and into the actual Arena, with vast open space all directed to a game played at the highest level.  Sports are awesome.

Nate was nice enough to host me for a Broncos game.  We tore up Ft. Collins and Denver crushed the Raiders, which Nate only learned that I was a Raiders fan after it was too late to back out his invitation.  It doesn't matter.  They're hapless.  Nate wore his Al Wilson jersey, which he claimed would get him tons of free drinks, which, I did hear a few compliments but all his free drinks were courtesy of YT.  I did take a cell phone picture of the Steve Atwater bust outside the stadium; he is responsible for probably my favorite moment of the NFL ever.  Witness.  Otherwise Sports Authority at Mile High wasn't much for hallowed ground.  Nate said the stadium was too vaginal and not symmetrical enough, after which everything had a weird yeasty feel to it.  It was so cold too.   I fell asleep on the car ride home.  Thanks Nate!  Good stuff in the Mountain time zone, my first real foray.

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