a ruined postcard type how you say stock photo quality shot by some sort of pretty artifact.  Don't see that one with the Mamiya too often.  Must have been some sloppy loading.

 There are a lot of photos around our apartment complex that would be ripe picking for a high school photo student.  I can't help myself sometimes.

 slow on the draw and requested a re-enactment.  We're not a family of models.  The next generation is taking care of that.
 Now to NC, the land of perpetually golden light.  We went for Christmas.

 Lots of good real estate opportunities there.  Portland is blown out.
 trees, dreams, soybeans.  Saw a white tail in the below field.
A whole roll from Portland and North Carolina.  Going through a ton of shots from the past month or two, enjoying some white wine and a Blazer game, and what the heck, www.thebestshow.net the episode from last night #EraseMASH.  Basically getting blissed out to the max.

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