flying kids


Ruth has the prettiest apartment I can remember spending any time in.
This was the Sunday after a late night.  We came around and helped clean up.  P got into her closet and did some color-coding.  I found a beer in the fridge and an NFL game on the television (Houston v. someone).  I pulled up a chair and was in a certain heaven.


a little of an echo with this classic (top picture), a tiny bit.



Downtown Portland

an entire roll - perhaps my best pound for pound roll ever

 stupid crooked face

an out of this world Wilson, NC bike ride, followed by a dinner at a barn in the country.

followed by a legit cocktail party where P and I were among mostly blue-hairs.  I talked to many a man with a pension here.  And chugged Makers.
accompanied by a babe, which helps.
These nuggets.

Then to DC, to chill with my favorite two people Anne and Bartek.  Classic Anne picture here.

The above picture is from later in the night when everyone was a little toasted but then to Ruth's apartment for a steak dinner.  Very very fun.

Then this idiot.  Clearly from the more toasted part of the night.

family album

kid party