Everyone's absolute favorite post of the year

Cavaliers 58.5 Under
Thunder 57.5 Over
Spurs 56.5 Over
Bulls 55.5 Under
Clippers 55.5 Over
Warriors 50.5 Over
Mavericks 49.5 Under
Raptors 49.5 Under
Rockets 49.5 Over
Wizards 49.5 Under
Grizzlies 48.5 Over
Trail Blazers 48.5 Under
Hornets 45.5 Over
Heat 43.5 Over
Suns 42.5 Under
Nets 41.5 Under
Pelicans 41.5 Over
Hawks 40.5 Over
Knicks 40.5 Over
Nuggets 40.5 Under
Pistons 36.5 Over
Pacers 32.5 Over
Lakers 31.5 Under
Kings 30.5 Over
Magic 28.5 Under
Celtics 26.5 Under
Jazz 25.5 Under
Timberwolves 25.5 Under
Bucks 24.5 Over
76ers 15.5 Over
Line via Westgate SuperBook via ESPN.com

My actual favorite post of the year is when we check back in on these and I dicky with excel trying to get my if statements correctly nested and I miraculously always guess >65% correct.

Update as of 10/6/2014:
I badly want to update a few of these.  However, no matter what the guess is, I've leared to always go with the first guess.  Changing it never works.  However, if I was going to change any of these, I'd change the Spurs (which is why we're not changing it), the Suns, and maybe the Raptors.

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