east tabor misadventure

Labor day weekend is typically when the paternal side of my family has a family reunion, annually, at the Oregon Coast.  For this and all foreseeable Labor Day's I'll be working ungodly hours doing corporate income taxes.  This Labor Day everyone was away and I went to see movies three nights in a row at various 2nd run movie theaters, the kind that serve beer and slices of pizza.  Before I saw X-Men Days of Future Past on Labor day the day, or maybe that Sunday prior, I was over in East Tabor, bar-hopping for a few hours, trying to ease my mind at the ungodly hours I was staring down in the coming days and weeks, and I went to a place that served Oyster Po-Boys, and I ordered one and kind of cried a little, Oysters being a staple at those family reunions out on the coast, where the BBQ is going and there's garlic butter a plenty and the oysters are damn near free and so fresh, and my dad dons a huge glove to BBQ them with, and it was a few days since I'd seen my family and I missed getting over there, missing my second Labor Day in a row.  The sandwich got a 2/10, significantly below expectations.  Oyster po boys kind of suck.

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