a very special picture to look at for upwards of a month

best one in a while

brian with a crown of cauliflower

Got to see Spencer and Ali get married, which was a great wedding.  Scott Palmer and newlywed Brian Kasavana were there too, which was wonderful.  This is the extent of photo-proof though, which I can do better and will try in the future.  My portraiture is not the best.
To wit: this is Spencer right before he's about to get married, at which point the typical groom feels like a human corpse. They did a good job! I also neglected to get a picture where someone appeared to have antlers, which, I can do better and will try in the future.  Congrats Ali + Spencer.

Made if for Sept.

The camera from 19XX was poised precariously on top of the stroller's roof/shade maker, and boy whipped it so that he'd have shade/a roof over his head, and the camera went flying.  It crashed to the ground, the film spewing forth.  Luckily it was at the beginning of the roll.  A few shots got cool effects.  The camera may not focus any more though, if this roll is any indication.  More likely that I forgot how to operate such a thing.