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My family has been out of town for the last three nights.  I have seen three movies at the cinema!

Major League (1989)
Notable lines:  I haven't been an athlete for three years.  Books are my life now.  -- Rene Russo

I look like a banker in this.  -- Charlie Sheen, in a cutoff jean jacket and a tank top or something and a tie tied around his neck, per the dress code of the fancy Cleveland French restaurant he was at.

(Not word for word quotes, just as I remember them)

Other than these two lines this movie was not very great.  But the Tribe wins the pennant so there were a few chills down the old spine.

I literally don't remember the name of this movie (2014)
I don't know how this movie didn't catch on.  Best movie of the week!
Notable stuff:  Just a great action movie!  Not too much else to it.

Notable lackluster stuff:  So it's Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers.  However, we never learn the one thing I was hoping to learn: how does Tom Cruise find himself in this weird world-- that is, why does the first scene happen?  But this was the best movie of the weekend.  Would recommend.  With two thumbs even.

X-Men:  Days of Future Past (2014)
This one was a drag.  However, Michael Fasbender is excellent. I think I liked X-Men: First Class better.  This movie gets no thumbs.  Such a let down.  I was in the theater Saturday night for whatever that other movie was called and I saw the trailer for this one, and I guess I shrugged my shoulders and thought well that looks good.  The trailer delivered far more spine shivering than did the movie.  The movie kind of sucked.

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