a whole roll, why not

accidentally engaged "crop mode" on this "state of the art" point and shoot from either the early 00's or the 90's.  Anyhow, this is the 4th of July in NC.  I'm surprised they even celebrate it!
I'm not going to pretend like I "always use the whole frame" or anything, but it's a bit of a bummer that I had "crop mode" engaged here, for reasons that should soon be clear.
These two miracles.

Waiting in line for the epic picnic.

P's favorite types-- old bats.
"Crop mode"!  Who needs eyes?

I do enjoy the little one back there and boy demolishing some commemorative cupcakes or something.  Full gluten.

The parade sees everyone in their red stripes and blue stars.  I think I managed a navy blue pocket T.  #FREEDOM AINT FREE BRITCHES.  But pretty good color saturation in general on this roll.
Outstanding boy in threshold pic pt. 1.  Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion.

Ok maybe I like to use the whole frame once in a while.  The 6x9 aspect ratio is also plenty wide.  This pano garbage is useless.  #FLIPPEDTHESWITCHLATEATNIGHTINDCANDDIDN'TNOTICEFORSOLONG

best part is the enticing reflection in red's window.  And the smokin babe obvs.
ready to party full core.
quick facebook tweet
dude on the floor is like kid level-- no one wants to be at the airport (if solo, I'll actually relish an airport bar like its the last day on earth), but everyone puts up with it.  People always ask, "how is it flying with the kids?" and I say "flying sucks for everyone.  Kids just don't pretend like it's normal."  Anyways, so kudos to this guys flippant disregardation of norms.

This one is an absolute miracle.

The best flowers to photograph because they're always in with the long brown grass and if they're out it means its the right time of year.
Devon was in town.  We skated from 10-12 one night then kicked it at the bar till 2!  It was something else!
The thrilling conclusion.  Boy in flips is always good.
Lady and I went to an art event at the museum.  We kind of fraudulently stated we were part of a museum society/membership level that we weren't actually part of.  We also biked there and were much sweatier in the crotchal region than most.  We had a good time though and hobbed with some knobs.
if your socks ain't showin something something something.  Anyways, that should be 37 pictures.  I hope you had as much fun as I did!

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