P thought going to our 9 year college reunion would be a good idea and it was.  The campus is still unbelievable.  The class that graduated a year ahead of us was pretty fun.  It was hotter than Africa the day of, with shade a hot commodity.  The salmon bake was ill-timed.  I settled for a burger, re-heated. The drink tickets were plentiful.  We parked up by Ponderosa Hall, which I remembered for some reason.  We used to skateboard from the top of the campus to the bottom, and that was good fun back then.  We walked along that route for a while.  Then we barged the Manor House.
There was live music, but they mercifully took a break right when we got there.  I don't recall if they ever started back up or not.  There were lots of activities.  I almost got babies face painted to be a kitten, but the drink tickets weren't flowing that freely.  There was a mini-water gun fight.  I was loading up at this little pool and spied a Marine Corps tattoo on the gentleman opposite me filling up. He knew the best way to re-fill water-pistols (hold it under water and pull the trigger like you're surrounded by hostiles).  I tried being his ally in the fight.  Just don't mess with Marines when there are any class of pistols involved is a pretty good mantra.  There was a photo-booth. Baby and I did one solo, then the whole family for one.  It was digital trash but fun nonetheless.
I hope that lots of my old chums come out next year for our 10 year reunion but won't be too heartbroken if no one does.  Enough people are getting married these days that you see folks often enough, seems like, biannually at the least.  P and I are also discussing a possible brief east-coast residency, which would put us in the same time zone as some hall of fame caliber people (Obama, Jay Z, Rudy Giuliani, etc), probably freeing up the opportunity to scoff and make an excuse and skip the whole thing altogether while simultaneously (spelled that right on the first go, booyeah!) planning a short weekend in the city, whichever one. The only professor I miss is now a professor emeritus (retired), but he taught B&W photography so that's like teaching latin, almost.  Right?  I forgot to invite him to my photo show.  He had come to the previous one.  Dangit.  Well no matter because it was a color show, and that's passing passion for either of us.

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