I used to be the king, now I'm just a shmuck

I have a photo show in July.  Since I haven't taken a good picture in several years, I had to dig in the archives for good shots to submit.  While I would used to have printed these by hand (true craftsmanship! [sic]), instead I'm having the lab do it.  Going through my old binders: I used to take so many pictures!  I grabbed one of the two (or three?) inch binders, and it was like half a years worth!  Now I use like 1/4" binders and it's 2 years plus worth of shots.  What has changed?
  1. My preferred lab shut down.  What was once $2.50 is now $6, what was once $5 is now $10.  Also in the past few years the price of film has exploded!  What was once probably like $4 is now $6, and on and on.
  2. 2 kids!
  3. Actual career-- I haven't worked 40 hours in a week since I started.  It's the minorest drag.
Anyways, I guess at least I have old man tricks.  Right?

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