not bad

Team over/under My guess Final Wins Did I W or L? Final 2014 W%
Miami Heat 61.5 under 54 W 19 Ws
Los Angeles Clippers 57 under 57 Push 9 Ls
Chicago Bulls 56.5 over 48 L 2 Ps
San Antonio Spurs 55.5 over 62 W 19/28= 67.9%
Houston Rockets 54.5 under 54 W I humbly accept
Indiana Pacers 54.5 over 56 W
Brooklyn Nets 52.5 under 44 W
Golden State Warriors 51.5 under 51 W
Oklahoma City Thunder 51.5 over 59 W
Memphis Grizzlies 50.5 over 50 L
New York Knicks 49.5 under 37 W
Denver Nuggets 46 under 36 W
Dallas Mavericks 43.5 under 49 L
Minnesota Timberwolves 41 under 40 W
Cleveland Cavaliers 40 under 33 W
Detroit Pistons 40 under 29 W
Atlanta Hawks 39.5 over 38 L
New Orleans Pelicans 39 under 34 W
Washington Wizards 39 over 44 W
Portland Trail Blazers 38.5 over 54 W
Los Angeles Lakers 36.5 under 27 W
Toronto Raptors 35.5 under 48 L
Sacramento Kings 31 over 28 L
Milwaukee Bucks 29 over 15 L
Boston Celtics 27.5 under 25 W
Charlotte Bobcats 26 over 43 W
Utah Jazz 25 over 25 Push
Orlando Magic 24 over 23 L
Phoenix Suns 21 under 48 L
Philadelphia 76ers 17 over 19 W
lines courtesy of bovada.lv via Blazersedge.com

That's two years running where I'm at least > 65% (I don't know how to account for pushes so I just remove them from the population).  All I need now is years and years of similar results and a bigger bankroll than I'm willing to gamble.  Ha ha ha.

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memorial coliseum

coliseum is oddly impossible to spell.  It's so simple.  Anyways, I went to an Ale Fest in the basement there for a networking event (24 year old me is rolling his eyes hard) and afterwards, aled, I snuck into the coliseum.  It was perfect dark and empty as far as I could tell.  I think I browsed my phone for a while and tried to feel the vibes of the NBA Finals and other hallowed things that happened in there.

Church Tree

ex-church tree.


New construction on Ankeny.  On the job shack someone hastily wrote "Fuck these condos."  They let all the other graffiti go, that I can see, but they scrubbed that one off fast.


Playoff basketball is intense.  Up 2-0 you gotta love it right now.  I kind of prefer that the season end when it ends though.  82 games is plenty.  I was pretty nervous about the Rockets.  I knew that there would be no higher high than knocking them off though.  So far so good.  The Blazers have the longest active playoff series victory drought in the NBA.  Maybe they're due.  This is the smokers perch at the late season Memphis W, where they killed them.
My level of plant ownership is nowhere near in line with my level of plant obsession.  C'est la vie I guess.  Anyways, I'm persistently optimistic about my future now that I'm a tax professional.

fallin off

a few future type posts here tonight.  Love these blinds.


southern california is real pretty

 one hour of entertainment per beach toy
basically limitless hours of entertainment this shower.

 I'm allowed to take sunset pictures on my birthday