uh-oh box

Any time I get a roll back from the "lab" (citizens doesn't feel like a lab the way quickstop did or pro-photo does) I'll bring it home and plug it in and check it out.  Boy typically likes to plop onto my lap and help do review.  He only really wants to see pictures of himself at Christmas opening presents.  Like father like son, I guess.  Otherwise, usually his commentary is A+.  This frame he said "uh-oh box."  Indeed.

Test drive

Uncle Scott you going to buy a minivan?
So many winners to choose from


checking in on my bets

Dang I'm good.
Notable whiffs:
Phoenix (common whiff probably)
Bulls (didn't know Rose would play 8 games or whatever)
Memphis (Marc Gasol coming back they might be in this)
Sacramento (probably bet the under forever with bad franchises like that, but don't they have new ownership?)
Milwaukee (no explanation)

Also the Blazers are on pace for 60 wins.  Cool!

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santa barbara

Nate Jones, not afraid to get his cuffs wet.

This woman's gear was noteworthy.  Didn't really translate to film though.

pretty hilarious

Boy is a weird spitting image of that weird slightly freaky scary cup in the upper right hand of the frame.  To which, LOL.
latest tunes: Kurt Vile's 2013 cd "Waking in a Pretty Daze."  Real breezy and nice.  Long songs and cool guitar sounds.  The babies are into it ok, as is P so that's good too.  Not confined to headphones.  The other night I was listening to it on headphones pretty loud and watching the Blazers on TV and tears were just glistening on my eyes.  I don't know why it touches me so but it does.

Got a pork shoulder in the oven now.  I plan on pulling it tomorrow and making some cole-slaw and eating some bbq sandwiches.  Trying for a more Texan style.  Lots of brown sugar I think is the ticket.

the reading lamp on the plane



I told James these guys were wizards.  We kept walking around and around looking for Santa Claus.  But no, just another astronomer or scientist or whatever.
 One of my skills is I can pick out excellent produce at the grocery store.  Comes in handy sometimes.


the modeling gene

Thanks to the Vogel/Nicols family for putting our big family up.  Great place you have there, very dreamy.


I've said of NYC before that it gives me a kind of home-sickness for a place that I've only ever really spent 3 day weekends at a time.

Well, the feeling goes triply for LA.  I don't know what we're doing in Portland.  LA is paradise on earth.


get a new camera

1st frame, for the books.
3rd; get a new camera, take a picture of the sidewalk.  Just to hear the gears turning.  Someone online wrote this model was a "rich guy's vacation camera," which is self styling if ever there was such a thing.
It'll do, seems like.  Hopefully in my advanced age I'm easier on my gear than past's precedent.

last roll (still got it?)

 babe in a sea of static
 raging with locals

the former was definitely the one here.  This bath filled fast and boy was up to his nipples at least, luxuriously.  2014 the year of dangerous living.  Also boo to blogger for making some of these sepia toned, no one asked for that.  It's not the first time such a thing has happened.  The family sure is growing up no?

favorite in a while

Maybe Broadway, Downtown LA.  Maybe my favorite lousy stretch.  Hope everyone's 2014 is off the charts.


los angeles

Almost need a new tag for LA pictures.  Driving shots.  Almost.  Waiting for the bus on one of the big boulevards.  We liked it down there a lot.