critics choice

Ishod Wair the SOTY. Good job by him and Thrasher.  That's the only trophy that matters and the only news of the year that is annually likely to bring a genuine smile to my face (other than seeing Greco in Jamie Thomas' most recent video part).  I'm 30 and it's 2013 but I probably saw one (maybe two) of those parts once only at the most.  Not that I'm complaining.  Now those Mark Suciu parts, on the other hand...
One thing I love is that there are older and gnarlier dudes than me that hate on Suciu (not genuinely East!).  Not sure who they're rooting for?  Ricky Oyola still?  Truck driver of the year.  Give that to Wade Speyer, obviously.  Old dudes!

/greek to the audience.