mega-vacation post

nc summer vacation 2013.

boy gets pretty focused when we go fast in the boat

classic 3 week old baby in the life-vest picture.
this was in the marina, like the equivalent of partying in the parking lot.  Save big on gas I guess and party in the bay not 30 feet from the boat ramp.

greeting card browsing.  This was p's and my first date with having two kids.  Hot date to the grocery store.

my future lair will look like this, roughly.
tried camera world down-town for film processing.  The price is wrong but they're not 6 blocks from work, and I can sneak away for 10 minutes to drop the film off.  I don't blame them for this shoddy development here-- this was some NC consumer grade film from probably 2004 that was sitting on a dusty shelf somewhere.  Portland is a good place for getting film, as much as I like to complain about our places.

boy and I covered some ground out there on this contraption.

21st century family photo.

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