mega post!

scott and april were wed.  Good on you!

Uncle Al and Aunt Sandy.  Al always forces me to put his picture online.  Just kidding.  I need to get a pair of those mirrored sunglasses.  Bad to the A.

The view from the office.  I always like to tell long lost friends that I got fat but this pic pretty much disproves that I guess.  Still normal of build.

It's wildly fun being that far up in the sky.  I can literally stand up and see mt hood, I5, I84, I405, I205 in the distance, the bridges from st johns to I think sellwood.  The whole lay of the east side.  Just good stuff.  Good invention those sky-scrapers.

boy and I went on an ice cream and french fries date.  I forget why.  I was trying to spoil him.  Probably because I'm working so much.  Note to self wife needs similar treatment probably.

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