from a disposable camera.  I think one we gave boy for his birthday possibly.

possibly my favorite picture ever

boy is looking like a spaceman in this one.


Google has become the most annoying company on the web.  Where should I get my free emailing/blogging services?  This is from NC bike-riding.  Pretty cool look.  Arcularian color.

2013-14 NBA over/under guesses

Last year the formatting gave me such a headache, however I guessed something like 70% 80% right by the time the season was over.  We'll see how this goes this year.  Time will tell and that's the funnest part.  I guess now I have to save this spreadsheet somewhere.  To the cloud!  I'll tell you right now I'm way less informed that I was last year and probably less lucky too.  Also I thought about each decision for about 2 seconds, if that.  Also I haven't played fantasy basketball for like 3-4 years now so I basically have no idea what's going on in the league.

Disclaimer: I'm putting no money on any of these picks.  Take this advice at your own peril.

Keywords so I can find it later NBA, basketball, over, under, over/under, under/over, epic fail, cash dollas


hi it's been a long time

I believe these are some pics when tiny baby had been dropped and was in an ambulance 3000 miles away.  Tense stuff!  She's good though.  Those baby skulls are malleable.
Working my nth Saturday in a row later today.

I can't decide if I want to buy my CPA camera (pros: sharp, tiny, built in flash, no shutter lag, 35mm, a truly bad to the bone necklace, great for baby shots/life chronicaling///cons: 35mm, camera, $500 at least probably, would probably break, who has the time? film is dead/expensive, photography is dead/pointless).  I was talking with Missy and she was bummed because film is probably 200% more expensive than it was 4 years ago.  I said get an easel and become a drawer.  She thought music might be the way to go.  Being a photog is tough stuff.  Missy is hecka internet famous though.  So she's got that going for her.


mega post!

scott and april were wed.  Good on you!

Uncle Al and Aunt Sandy.  Al always forces me to put his picture online.  Just kidding.  I need to get a pair of those mirrored sunglasses.  Bad to the A.

The view from the office.  I always like to tell long lost friends that I got fat but this pic pretty much disproves that I guess.  Still normal of build.

It's wildly fun being that far up in the sky.  I can literally stand up and see mt hood, I5, I84, I405, I205 in the distance, the bridges from st johns to I think sellwood.  The whole lay of the east side.  Just good stuff.  Good invention those sky-scrapers.

boy and I went on an ice cream and french fries date.  I forget why.  I was trying to spoil him.  Probably because I'm working so much.  Note to self wife needs similar treatment probably.