I will say that working way up in the sky is pretty fun.  The best thing is late in the day the building's shadow will stretch way out.  I got a picture of it getting way up into the east side, straight up Burnside.  Must be near the equinox I guess for that angle.  I don't know, I'm no geometrist.  These are some pics from some little bunk town on the Oregon coast.  We're headed there this weekend for a work retreat.  Going to a resort.  I asked P "have I ever been to a resort?"  I guess I'll know when we get there.  I miss taking lots of pictures but I think that's a good feeling.  It's not like I don't give a crap.  Soon too I'll maybe buy a yuppie camera and waste so much film.  However every picture of your baby is the best picture anyone has ever taken.  So I say "waste" but blithely.

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