granny's wake

from the office I get a good birds eye view of the wake left by any passing boat in the river.  I doubt that kind of wake shares linguistic origins with this kind.  Or what about when you wake in the morning?  That might be closer-- this is when you wake up in heaven maybe.  I don't know.  I'm sure you could figure it out.  What's the word for the origins and meanings of words?  I thought it was like epitomology or something but that's not a word!
I guess google is doing auto-sepia now.

Lots of good halation on this roll, which probably points to supernatural interference.

Granny's drink was the grandma drink.  MacNaughtens and 7up.  We were badly under-stocked of MacNaughtens for the wake.  I tried making an un-authorized grandma drink and was scolded.  Otherwise we had a good time.

Lots of good speeches and stories and recollections.  I didn't make a speech.  One area of life to improve on.

Uncle Al forced me to take this glamour shot of him.

By the end of it everyone's eyes were getting glassy and I had to get on a plane for NC.  I was happy to be in Oregon to make this day, but vacation was also a nice respite.  Ok so these were from Late August July and now it's late September.  Not too bad a delay really.  Seems like ages ago.  Edit ok so I was a month off and that makes more sense.  Two months delay is probably the most lag this site has ever seen, except that time I posted a 4th of July picture in like September.  I guess this is just like that, basically.

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