Atlantic Beach

so typically I take bike shots out at the beach in NC in Morehead City, but one day I ventured over this huge bridge to Atlantic Beach.  It's the outer banks island.  So there's only really one road that runs up and down the island, so less biking around aimlessly looking for pictures friendly.  Morehead City has a real nice grid of neighborhood streets with sidewalks and just low-traffic areas.  But I got over there and took two pictures and almost got heat stroke it felt like.  But there was a pretty good bike shop over there so I got a nice tune-up and found a Mexican restaurant and got the biggest Negra Modelo anyone has probably ever seen while I waited.
I should shoot more slide film, if the FF-1 is going to do it this adequately.  It's probably poorly reflects on my skills that this weird little camera can figure out how to properly expose like way better than I ever could with manual controls.  (see the sliders tag for numerous examples of my ineptitude).  Happy Labor Day to everyone out there in la-la land.  I'll be in the office chugging away.

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