hour and a minute

very airy fall says my barometer.  I get off work, take the elevator to the lobby, and another one down to the parking garage.  Through the sliding door to my bike, the faintest whisp of fresh air, around some corner.  Then I unlock my bike get on and proceed further towards the exit, the air cooling like calculus, quicker and quicker, then I turn a corner get out of the saddle and ride up the ramp, and it's the night, cold and clear, small city sounds, moisture in the gutters and leaves piled up and pulverized here and there, and a blue and bugs dying by the thousands, people wearing coats, the river below becoming freezing and unbecoming, and my hands barely wishing they were gloved.  The exact reason I love the fall so much.

Charlie Hales let some Shakespeare slip today, cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war, and I knew immediately it was biblical, but it's Shakespeare, and that's why I'm wrong and he's the mayor.  And that's why Shakespeare is who we thought he was and I'm still not a literature laureate or a PHD with elbow patches.

Just some dude, not even a kid any more, wearing my coat and biking home.


I will say that working way up in the sky is pretty fun.  The best thing is late in the day the building's shadow will stretch way out.  I got a picture of it getting way up into the east side, straight up Burnside.  Must be near the equinox I guess for that angle.  I don't know, I'm no geometrist.  These are some pics from some little bunk town on the Oregon coast.  We're headed there this weekend for a work retreat.  Going to a resort.  I asked P "have I ever been to a resort?"  I guess I'll know when we get there.  I miss taking lots of pictures but I think that's a good feeling.  It's not like I don't give a crap.  Soon too I'll maybe buy a yuppie camera and waste so much film.  However every picture of your baby is the best picture anyone has ever taken.  So I say "waste" but blithely.

Well hope everyone's doing cool.  We got a new used sofa.  It's pretty amazing.


granny's wake

from the office I get a good birds eye view of the wake left by any passing boat in the river.  I doubt that kind of wake shares linguistic origins with this kind.  Or what about when you wake in the morning?  That might be closer-- this is when you wake up in heaven maybe.  I don't know.  I'm sure you could figure it out.  What's the word for the origins and meanings of words?  I thought it was like epitomology or something but that's not a word!
I guess google is doing auto-sepia now.

Lots of good halation on this roll, which probably points to supernatural interference.

Granny's drink was the grandma drink.  MacNaughtens and 7up.  We were badly under-stocked of MacNaughtens for the wake.  I tried making an un-authorized grandma drink and was scolded.  Otherwise we had a good time.

Lots of good speeches and stories and recollections.  I didn't make a speech.  One area of life to improve on.

Uncle Al forced me to take this glamour shot of him.

By the end of it everyone's eyes were getting glassy and I had to get on a plane for NC.  I was happy to be in Oregon to make this day, but vacation was also a nice respite.  Ok so these were from Late August July and now it's late September.  Not too bad a delay really.  Seems like ages ago.  Edit ok so I was a month off and that makes more sense.  Two months delay is probably the most lag this site has ever seen, except that time I posted a 4th of July picture in like September.  I guess this is just like that, basically.